Contribute Asset

Have you created, or do you know of, an Open Asset or resource that you would like to share with the community during Open Education Week 2023?

An Open Asset could be an OER, Open Textbook, Open Course, Open Repository or Library, Open Tool, etc. Enter all the details here, and we will make sure it is added to the OE Week Global Library and featured alongside other exciting #oeweek resources!

If you need to know more information before Contributing an Open Asset, here’s all you need to know.

Include a short summary of your resource and describe its key elements. What are its goals and objectives? Who would benefit the most from using it? What makes it unique?
Suggested length: 50-500 words. (Feel free to also provide the description in your own language)

Share an image that is representative of your asset - logo, symbol, icon, graphics, team photo, etc. If no image is provided a screenshot of your website will be uploaded.
Recommended size: 584x232 pixels



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