MERLOT with your Meal

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MERLOT with your Meal
Do you want free educational resources to enhance your class, in-service, or a workshop? MERLOT stands for Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching.
Everyone can use Merlot (staff, faculty, students, volunteers).
In this session, you will discover the following:
1. What is MERLOT?
2. What discipline portals are available?
3. Why would you use MERLOT?
4. How can it help you?
5. Can you contribute to Merlot?
6. Why get a free account (bookmarks, collections, contributions)
7. “Begin at the beginning” –and don’t stop.
Interested in a more hands on session for your group or a couple of colleagues? Email Irene Knokh, for a list of available sessions.

University of Michigan Hospital and University of Michigan

United States, Ann Arbor

Contributed by: IRENE KNOKH

Language: English

Date and Time: Jun 22, 2016 16:00
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