Open Textbooks Adoption – the Juice IS Worth the Squeeze

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Join Lyryx Learning for Open Education Week 2017 as we host a webinar on adopting open text titled: The Juice IS Worth the Squeeze.

Adopting a new textbook, whether open or traditional is a process – but the question you have to ask is: does the reward outweigh the challenge?

We will be discussing the challenges that Instructors face when adopting an open text and addressing how to overcome those challenges with ease.

If you are in any way considering adopting an open text for your course, you have to tune in to get your questions answered.

Space is limited so be on time to secure your spot.

Join the webinar

Access Code: 587-817-373

You can also dial in using your phone.

Canada: +1 (647) 497-9373 or United States: +1 (669) 224-3318

Lyryx Learning

Canada, Calgary, Ab

Contributed by: Tamsyn Murnaghan

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 29, 2017 19:00
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