The story of the Open University in Europe and the world

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The Open University has a long tradition and this webinar brings together four distinguished speakers who will share their reflections on following questions:

  1. What makes the Open University unique from other universities?
  2. What major challenges have open universities faced over the past 10-years?
  3. To what extent is the Open University still relevant in the digital-era?

The first question offers an opportunity to discuss the uniqueness of the Open University and the role it has played in different contexts across Europe and the World more generally. The second question is aimed to reflect back on some of the major challenges that the Open University model has experienced in recent times and what changes have taken place. Following on from this question the final question looks ahead to some of the issues facing the Open University in modern times and what role they should play in the future. In light of the digital-era where online education has arguably become the “new norm” our invited guests are challenged to make the case for the continued relevance and importance of the Open University in meeting the rapidly changing needs to today’s students and our ever-changing societies.


  • Liz Marr, The Open University, UK
  • Josep M. Duart, EDEN Vice-president for Research, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
  • Sarah Guri-Rosenblit, EDEN Fellow, The Open University of Israel, Israel
  • Antonio Teixeira, EDEN Senior Fellow, Universidade Aberta, Portugal

European Distance and E-Learning Network – EDEN

Hungary, Budapest

Contributed by: Krisztina Tatrai

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 05, 2019 12:00
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