Open Pedagogy: 3 Recipes you can try at home!

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This session will demonstrate how to focus on the learner and creatively enhance your online learner engagement with learner-centered approaches that can be used to customize and tailor online learning experiences for learners with the use of simple freely available online tools.

In this session, recipes for 3 open pedagogical practices will be shared to inspire possibilities for adopting or adapting some open pedagogy into your own online and blended environments. You will explore a menu of ideas you can use to sprinkle some open pedagogy into your online instruction. You will leave with 3 recipes ready to enhance online learner engagement in your online content, interactions, and feedback by creatively using simple and freely available online tools.

Appetizer: Web annotation and social bookmarking in an online course. Using Diigo a (free) online social bookmarking and web annotation tool to embed link rolls, to create community and resources that persist outside the LMS and beyond the end of the term, and to annotate student work and web resources and provide student feedback.

Main Course: Using video to actively engage online learners. Using YouTube or Vimeo to provide student feedback, to invited the world into the online course, to enhance online social presence.

Dessert:Reflective blogging and metacognition to enhance online learning and collect feedback. Using public blogging for academic and professional, to get descriptive feedback for course improvements, to give learners the opportunity to explore and exercise their online voice and their digital identity.


United States, Albany, New York

Contributed by: Alex Pickett

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 04, 2020 17:00
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