Using the LibreTexts Platform to Create Interactive OER Textbooks for Math and Statistics

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Paul Seeburger and Larry Green will share their experiences using the LibreTexts platform to customize OpenStax textbooks for Elementary and Intermediate Algebra courses, Elementary Statistics and for Calculus II and III. LibreTexts includes a WYSIWYG content editor to seamlessly edit the textbook content, using LaTeX only where needed to format math content. You can add your own sections, subsections, examples, and exercises using a consistent numbering system to form a textbook that looks professional and is customized for your course. Using CalcPlot3D, rotatable 3D figures can be added to bring the figures in the textbook to life. Multimedia can be easily embedded.

Over 50 interactive statistics activities have been created and can be embedded directly into the online textbook. Anyone can use these textbooks on the LibreTexts platform or customize them for their own courses.

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United States, Rochester, NY

Contributed by: Paul Seeburger

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 03, 2020 16:00
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