Annotating the International Cooperation Action Area of the Recommendation on OER

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We are making the call for all five days of Open Education Week to share your events, resources, discoveries made during this week as annotations to the the UNESCO Recommendation on OER. Specifically, we are asking for notes to be added related to the Facilitating and Fostering International Cooperation Action Area (as this is something we will see all week). But you are invited to create an annotation to any part of the document. Web annotation is an opportunity to position our open education work by attaching ideas, resources to specific words of the Recommendation and to learn from the work of others. This offers practical and examples of international cooperation from the field, critical discussions, and insights from a global perspective that can be applied to future implementation strategies for the Recommendation. Annotate any time or drop in and join us in the Open Annotation Lab where we can answer questions or annotate together (the password is "annotate"). It brings a layer of conversational ties to relevant words in the document.

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Contributed by: Alan Levine (Twitter: @cogdog)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 09:00
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