Join us in the OEG Voices Podcast Studio with OE Award Winners Melissa Highton and Willem van Valkenburg

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During Open Education Week 2022 we are recording live a new episode of the OEG Voices podcast . You can be there with us, in the studio. In the studio with us is Melissa Highton (University of Edinburgh) who was recognized with a Leadership Award and Willem van Valkenburg (TU-Delft) who was recognized with a President’s Award. The OEG Voices podcast series provides a conversational style connection with key persons in our field. If you would like a seat in the recording studio to listen and/or to ask questions of these two leaders in Open Education, you can be there live for our conversation.


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United States of America, Concord, MA

Twitter: @OpenEdGlobal

Contributed by: Alan Levine (Twitter: @cogdog)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 11, 2022 08:00
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