OER and CC license references on Wikipedia: We need your help!

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Hosting over 1.7 billion visitors, more than fifty-eight million articles in more than 300 languages, Wikipedia is the world’s largest reference site. Misinformation on Wikipedia can cause rippling damage across countless communities. As open education advocates, we need to ensure the foundational information about OER and CC licenses is accurate. This is not just a matter of correcting critical information in the present, but also protecting the future of our movement. We must ensure learners, educators, policy makers and advocates have accurate information at the core of their open education work. This is a call to action! Join us for an introductory conversation with Wikimedia’s Douglas Ian Scott and learn how to edit Wikipedia--then put it to practice! We will host a follow-up community conversation and edit-a-thon on Wikipedia to update references to OER and CC licenses--and need your help. Join us here: https://zoom.us/j/96686080792?pwd=SGF1enR0bi9jVW5IQlRpZHdLMzFidz09, Meeting ID: 966 8608 0792 Passcode: 878038

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Contributed by: Jennryn Wetzler (Twitter: @jennrynw)

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Date and Time: Mar 11, 2022 17:00
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