The Path to the Future: Open Homework Systems

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Getting Started with H5P: Creating Interactive Content for Students David WrightDavid N. Wright, Chair, English Department Interactive video, branching scenarios, math quizzes, image sequences, fill-in-the-blank, you name it, H5P is a way to get students working through interactive content to apply learning. Whether instructors want to test baseline skills or help students measure their own understanding of concepts, H5P libraries are open source, community driven, and free to use, exchange, and create. The presentation will focus on how to get started with the H5P libraries (get in the "H5P kitchen," and find, borrow, and create H5P content that students can access. Along the way, we'll talk about integrating H5P content into open textbooks using Pressbooks, how H5P might integrate into Course Management Systems such as Blackboard, and future prospects. Open and Individualized: Mechanics Homework Problems Project Using WeBWorK Jennifer KirkeyJennifer Kirkey, Physics, Astronomy and Engineering Individualized homework problems delivered over the web are an effective way for students to learn first year mechanics. This is not news, but I learned how effective it was and that it is worth spending the time developing more problems as part of an open community. WeBWorK is an open-source on-line homework system that gives students instant feedback. It has better quiz options than most Learning Management Systems. WeBWorK has been used by the mathematics community for decades, but there are not many physics problems in the Open Problem Library (OPL) and less than 100 of the type needed for first and second-year physics and engineering students. I am a physics instructor at a two-year teaching college, but I ended up working with an engineering professor and coop students at UBC, a large research university We hope to have more people join us in this worthwhile project.

Douglas College

Canada, British Columbia

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Contributed by: Debra Flewelling (Twitter: @debflew)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2022 10:00
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