Activity-a-Thon @ MIT-ADT University

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This year, the theme of our Activity-a-thon is "Reviving Millets, Connecting Cultures." This is keeping in mind that 2023 is 'International Year of Millets'. We also have extended the participation time because it is the week of -Festival of Colours 'Holi' in India. So, the event will run till the 15th March. The event has all asynchronous activities where people will share their millet recipes, create a coffee table book and take a quiz! Participation can be in any one activity or all three. And of course there are some surprises up our sleeves as well!

The event is online, asynchronous, free and will be conducted via Google Classroom.

To register, Kindly fill up the registration form.

MIT-ADT University (School of Education and Research)

India, Pune, Maharashtra

Contributed by: Ajita Deshmukh

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2023 13:30
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