AGILE2VET - Abilitating Digital Learning to innovate VET sector

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Abilitating Digital Learning to innovate VET sector Erasmus+ Project

Aims at contributing to innovation of VET sector by strengthening the capacity of VET providers to deliver inclusive and high-quality digital training.The project, coordinated by Demetra Formazione, involves seven partners from different European countries: ANEL (Spain), SADE (Sweden), ANCORA (Ireland), Unibo – University of Bologna Italy, Mooka Media (Ireland), and the ILI-FAU (Germany).

AGILE 2 VET has two specific objectives: on the one hand, to work to improve the skills of professionals working in the training sector in relation to new methods of digital training and learning; on the other hand, to strengthen the collaboration between training institutes, companies providing digital technology and experts in educational and pedagogical practices.

The project involves three different phases:

  • a first phase of research, to analyze and identify the characteristics and key competences in the development of a training model;
  • the development of a training model that allows professionals working in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector to acquire knowledge and skills related to new digital training methods;
  • the experimentation of the training model and the creation of a manual that supports the professionals involved in the implementation of the training courses and allows them to verify the acquisition of skills.
  • Following the research phase, the first output will be published 28 of February 2022.

AGILE-2-VET Abilitating diGItal Learning to innovate VET sector | 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033037  

co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union

Project info:


Swedish Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Education

OEGlobal member

Sweden, Harnosand

Twitter: @SVERDnytt

Contributed by: Ulf Sandstrom (Twitter: @ulfsan)

Language: Swedish

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2023 09:00
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