Applying and Translating Learning Design and Analytics Approaches in Your Institution

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This interactive workshop delivered by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organisation and Informatics (UZ), School of Medicine, and the Open University UK (OU) will build on several large-scale implementations of learning design and learning analytics, and how you could potentially implement similar approaches in your institution.

For example, the OU has been implementing learning design for over 15 years as a structured design, specification, and review process for blended and online courses. The learning design is focused on “what students do” as part of their learning, rather than on “what teachers do” or on what will be taught. Building on this work, UZ has recently developed the Balanced Design Planning (BDP) tool specifically for educators working in hybrid and blended contexts. The tool ( is more focussed on intended learning outcomes and automated learning analytics and is currently developed and tested with 700+ practitioners from 25+ institutions as part of several European projects (eDesk, Teach4EDU, RAPIDE, iLED), and is publicly available for other institutions to use for free.

In this EDEN workshop we aim to showcase what we have learned from implementing the BDP concept and tool, and how we have further updated and fine-tuned the approach based upon both feedback from end users as well as participating institutions. 

EDEN Digital Learning Europe

Estonia, Tallinn

Twitter: @EDEN_DLE

Contributed by: Carlos Madrid Gari

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2023 09:30
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