Getting to Know LibreTexts Open Homework and Assessment System: ADAPT

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Join Dr. Delmar Larsen as he introduces LibreTexts open homework and assessment system ADAPT. ADAPT is being developed as a widely distributed OER adaptive learning homework platform that is available to students without charge (or with significantly reduced charge compared to commercial alternatives) to complement the textbooks hosted in the LibreTexts libraries. ADAPT is built as an overlay technology upon four separate open-source assessment technologies: (1) WebWork, (2) ImathAS - used in MyOpenMath, (3) H5P, and (4) native assessments using Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) protocols like those in Learning Management Systems (LMS) and non-QTI protocols. ADAPT is unique in that it is designed as a single platform with the integrated capabilities of multiple technologies. Hence, ADAPT exceeds the limitations of any single technology and provides a powerful infrastructure to handle the assessment needs for a wide range of fields - from STEM to Humanities.



United States, Davis, CA

Twitter: @LibreTexts

Contributed by: Jennifer Rogers (Twitter: @jrogers9986)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2023 21:00
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