Innovative University Simulation Center

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The innovative university simulation center initiative aims to support and develop the quality of knowledge and realistic education for university students and the application of the acquired skills, by training University students in various fields of knowledge and actual educational situations both in:

  • First: The field of the role of international and regional organizations: (United Nations model, UNESCO model, Arab League model, Gulf Cooperation Council model .......)
  • Second: The field of international and national law: The International Court of Justice model, the Saudi Shura Council model, the virtual court model in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Third: The field of health and medical treatment: the WHO model, the virtual hospital model in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 The objectives of the University Simulation Center initiative proposal can be restricted to the following points:

  • Improving human and moral interaction among students in various fields.
  • Developing communication skills among students in the previous various fields
  • To develop students' leadership skills in various fields of knowledge
  • Putting the student in virtual situations similar to reality.
  • 5- Preparing cadres of mentors and facilitators for this type of education to represent the various scenes of educational situations to be trained in.
  • Carry out interactive workshops, working to achieve the above goals for students in different educational fields
  • Create a positive environment that allows male and female students the opportunity to achieve themselves and discover their capabilities through innovation and development and contribute to events organized by universities.
  • Preparing university graduates for the labor market in areas that involve a great deal of interaction and participation
  • Preparing tomorrow’s leaders from the Kingdom’s sons to deal with global challenges.

Najran University – QEC

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Contributed by: Dr. Hani Hamed Ezeldin Elsayed (Twitter: @deplomaci)

Language: Arabic

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2023 08:00
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