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Wells College's Long Library will be hosting a series of workshops on the resources and practices that faculty can incorporate into their teaching that are open access and accessible and affordable for students. Open and Affordable Educational Resources (OAER) Week includes introductions to open concepts as well as explorations of discipline-specific OER and troubleshooting. 

Monday, March 6, will be a jumping off point, designed to get everyone on the same page about OERs and their possibilities. 

Tuesday, March 7, will focus on open resources in the Humanities, while Wednesday, March 8, will pivot to STEM. These sessions are meant to provide resources as well as an opportunitiy to collaboratively troubleshoot potential challenges. 

Thursday, March 9, will conclude the week's workshops with a discussion of how to create new OERs and other open pedagogy possibilities.

The goal of the week is to promote discussion and engagement with open access on campus, which will ideally lead to greater use of OERs in classrooms. 

Wells College

United States, Aurora, NY

Twitter: @wellscollege

Contributed by: Rebecca Johnston

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 06, 2023 20:00
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