OEWeek Live! Wednesday Later Show

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We have a new element for Open Education Week-- a live webcast “show” scheduled twice a day during #OEWeek to share the excitement of everything happening in the day. Watch the live stream via YouTube where you can send via chat questions/comments to the studio. Or return later to watch the recording.

We are in the middle of OEWeek, the third day. In today’s show we try to recap what has happened so far and give you some idea about events coming up in the next few hours.

But the main feature is our guests who will join us to describe their projects and activities going on this week, as well as highlights of what they have experienced. And whatever else emerges in our informal conversations. Look for some live demos too from our guests:

  • Paul Hibbitts (Hibbitts Design): Docsify-This (Markdown Publishing, including possible use of GitHub for easily published OER)
  • Zack Krida (Automattic): Openverse for finding, reusing,. and attributing openly licensed images and media

See the full schedule of OEWeek Live! https://connect.oeglobal.org/t/-/4654


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Contributed by: Alan Levine (Twitter: @cogdog)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2023 22:00
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