Open Education Week at Gdańsk Tech Library 2023

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Gdańsk Tech Library prepared the following actions:

  1. Training for the academic community "Using open educational resources in promotional activities on the example of the Gdańsk Tech Library". Participants will be introduced to basic open tools and resources used in promotional activities, such as social media. The training will take place on three dates: 7-9 March.
  2. In the reading rooms, readers will be able to get bookmarks with a QR code linking them to the Gdańsk Tech Library website, where're more examples of open educational resources; and with puzzles (e.g. sudoku, crossword, rebus) generated from open online tools.
  3. A series of social media posts promoting open educational resources - valuable for both students and educators.

Gdańsk University of Technology Library

Poland, Gdańsk, Pomerania

Twitter: @BibliotekaPG

Contributed by: Agnieszka Szymik (Twitter: @Szymiq)

Language: Polish

Date and Time: Mar 06, 2023 08:00
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