Open Educational Practices as a Catalyst for Innovation

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This webinar provides an introduction to the concept of open educational practices (OEPs) as a catalyst for innovation. Participants will gain an understanding of how open educational practices can be used to increase access to quality educational resources, foster collaboration, and encourage innovation. We will discuss the benefits of OEPs, the challenges associated with them, and the ways in which they can be implemented in educational contexts. Participants will also learn about the opportunities for educators to create and share open educational resources, as well as the potential impact of OEPs on educational institutions, communities, and society. Finally, we will explore how open educational practices can be used to promote equity, inclusivity, and diversity in education.

EDEN Digital Learning Europe

Estonia, 13423

Twitter: @EDEN_DLE

Contributed by: Carlos Madrid Gari

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2023 12:00
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