Open Pedagogy & Renewable Assessment

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Coming together for Open Education

This week of collaboration and innovation goes beyond institutional boundaries, bringing together educational developers, librarians, instructional designers, students and other open education advocates to discuss the most current trends, issues and initiatives. Through a suite of workshops, panels and presentations, explore topics from across the open landscape such as renewable assessment, inter-institution projects and universal design for learning. 

With rewarding sessions for any level of experience, all are welcome join us to celebrate the transformative power of open education. 


Today: Open Pedagogy & Renewable Assessment 

  • Paula Demacio, Faculty Developer, Centennial College
  • Mindy Lee, Faculty Developer, Centennial College

In this introductory workshop into open pedagogy, we will begin by exploring the idea of renewable assessments. Renewable assessments are an interesting way to engage students in work that lives beyond the course as opposed to a "disposable" assignment which is thrown out after it has been graded. Renewable assessment is one method through which we can begin to integrate open pedagogy into our classrooms, a pedagogical practice which invites learners to take the driver's seat to their own learning. If you're interested in exploring new methods of how to engage your students, join us in this discussion on open pedagogy and renewable assessments! 




Ontario Colleges Open Education Working Group (COEWG)

Canada, Ontario

Contributed by: Kimberlee Carter

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2023 16:00
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