Promising Applications to Promote the Use of OER!

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In this session, we will present a web-based tool that has been developed to support converting already existing educational materials to OER. The web-based tool “convOERter” is designed to read a file, extract all images, and substitute them with OER elements in a semi-automated manner. The tool has been deployed and utilized in OER workshops and is being used by the OER community. Additionally, we will present a digital educational game developed during the Covid pandemic to allow participants in online OER workshops to practice OER cycle and strengthen their knowledge about OER. The game covers all basic aspects of the OER cycle (creating, editing, using, and distributing OER) and was designed to be played within the practical sessions in OER Workshops. By developing this game and utilizing the concept of Game-based Learning (GBL), we wanted to provide an interactive learning environment to practice OER and motivate learners to explore the OER world. If you are interested to know more about these applications/services and to use or test them, please feel free to join the session!

RWTH Aachen University- The Learning Technologies Research Group

Germany, Aachen

Twitter: @RWTH Aachen University- The Learning Technologies Research Group

Contributed by: Lubna Ali

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2023 21:00
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