State-Led Effort to Support Open & Equitable Education Practices in Tennessee

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Achieving the Dream (ATD), an organization leading a national network of colleges to close achievement gaps and accelerate student success, and SRI International (SRI), a non-profit research and development institute, are partnering with the Tennessee Board of Regents to support implementation of open and culturally responsive instructional practices with dozens of faculty members and staff across the state. This 2.5 year effort builds upon research showing that OER programs can increase students’ progress towards degrees and may enable transformative instructional practices. With funding from the WIlliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation we are investigating ways that structured, intentionally designed institutional supports can spread instructional practices that increase opportunities for student agency, collaborative knowledge creation, inclusivity, and community.

During this OpenEd Week webinar, research partners from Achieving the Dream and SRI Education will discuss the theoretical framework of how OER-enabled open and culturally responsive educational practices may benefit students, will present the research design and professional development supports provided to participating instructors to redesign their courses to integrate OER-enabled open and culturally responsive educational practices, and will share preliminary learnings from the study. Such learnings will include how participants experience professional development, how instructors use information learned during trainings, how instructors implement these practices, and how students experience these courses.

The intended audience for this webinar are any college faculty and staff involved or interested in initiating institutional change, embracing innovation, and creating cultures of open, equitable education in their systems and on their campuses. This session will be relevant for system CEOs, college presidents, board members, legislators, equity officers, CAOs, CFOs, CIOs, librarians, instructional designers, faculty, system and college foundation officers, external research and foundation boards, and any other higher education professional  interested in supporting access and success for all students.

Achieving the Dream

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Date and Time: Mar 07, 2023 15:00
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