Sustainable Models of Education Post-Covid: The Case of Extended Squared (Exten(DT)2)

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In this webinar, we are going to introduce and discuss the project “Extending design thinking with emerging digital technologies” funded by Horizon Europe and Innovate UK. Exten(DT)2 aims to enhance the pedagogical value of design thinking through the use of expressive digital media that are integrated with emerging technologies such as AI and analytics, AR and 3D printing. The project adopts a co-design and co-production approach closely working with teachers across six European countries (Sweden, Greece, UK, Norway, Ireland, Belgium) to design, test and tailor educational interventions that are sustainable and enable development of students’ 21st century skills. The four presentations of this webinar focus on: a) introducing the Exten(DT)2 project, 2) a critical perspective to design thinking, 3) presenting emerging digital technologies and how they can be used to digitise teaching, and 4) discussing how co-designing with teachers can bring  innovation to educational curricula.  

EDEN Digital Learning Europe

Estonia, 13423

Twitter: @EDEN_DLE

Contributed by: Carlos Madrid Gari

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2023 12:00
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