Teaching Without Prepackaged Course Materials: Open Educational Resources and Open Pedagogy

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A recent blog post Faculty are Losing Interest in Adopting OER hypothesized that the decline in Open Educational Resource interest may be due to OER not having the same course materials that come along with more traditional resources like textbooks. These survey results correspond to the consumer price index for educational books and supplies beginning to rise again after having been plateaued for years. Thus, the focus of this session will be sharing and interaction about how instructors can teach without prepackaged course materials, which is often the case when using an OER.

Here's the link to the promotional video:


Kansas State University

United States, Manhattan, KS

Twitter: @kstatetlc

Contributed by: Brian Lindshield (Twitter: @brianlindshield)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2023 18:00
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