The Advantages of Using OER Among the Disadvantaged

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This webinar will focus on the benefits of OER for women, the disabled, and people over 40. In the United States, education and employment are factors determining financial success. Much of the work in open education has focused on higher education, where adopting OER provides cost savings to students and gives faculty the flexibility to design and implement more culturally relevant course materials. For OER to prosper, we must network and share our knowledge outside our OER community to reach local businesses. Employers can benefit from OER when materials are developed for workforce development programs. More work must also be done to effect change beneficial to OER in state and federal educational policies. If the OER community increases its outreach, the results will build on the existing foundation to further benefit our disadvantaged populations.

Speaker: Dr. Tonja Conerly, Professor of Sociology, San Jacinto College, and former CCCOER Executive Council co-VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources (CCCOER)

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United States, Virtual


Contributed by: Liz Yata

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2023 20:00
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