Zero Textbook Cost Experiment: Down the OER Rabbit Hole with 3 Pre-Health Sciences Professors

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Coming together for Open Education

This week of collaboration and innovation goes beyond institutional boundaries, bringing together educational developers, librarians, instructional designers, students and other open education advocates to discuss the most current trends, issues and initiatives. Through a suite of workshops, panels and presentations, explore topics from across the open landscape such as renewable assessment, inter-institution projects and universal design for learning. 

With rewarding sessions for any level of experience, all are welcome join us to celebrate the transformative power of open education. 


Today: Zero Textbook Cost Experiment: Down the OER Rabbit Hole with 3 Pre-Health Sciences Professors


  • Matt Bohun, Library Facilitator, Niagara College
  • Siscoe Boschman, Library Facilitator, Niagara College

Panel participants:

  • Amanda Johnson, Professor of Communications, Niagara College
  • Lora Miani, Profess of Biology, Niagara College
  • Jeffrey Timko, Professor of Math, Niagara College

In the Winter of 2022, the professors of the Pre-Health Sciences program were tasked with trying to make the Pre-Health Sciences program a zero textbook cost degree. Many of these professors were given full or partial course releases, partially funded by a library grant, in order for them to adopt, adapt, or create OER for their program areas. Meet three of these professors, Amanda Johnson (Professor of Communications), Lora Miani (Professor of Biology), and Jeffrey Timko (Professor of Math), in a panel discussion, as they discuss their transition to the world of teaching with OER. 



Ontario Colleges Open Education Working Group (COEWG)

Canada, Ontario

Contributed by: Kimberlee Carter

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 06, 2023 15:30
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