Developing Open Policies For An Open Culture: The DCU-Fuse 24 Hour Open, Online, Global Conversation

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DCU-Fuse was a unique 24 hour open, online, global collaborative envisioning and brainstorming experience in partnership with students to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the development of a new 5-year Strategic Plan (2017-2022). This innovative open education project, first of its kind in Europe, was framed by Dublin City University's (DCU) mission of ‘transforming lives and societies’ and was strongly anchored in five core principles of ethical leadership: inclusion, openness, collaboration, sustainability and transformation for better futures. The objective was to canvas the wider DCU community worldwide for ideas using a purpose designed open, online platform during World Open Education Week to shape and reimagine the next phase of the University’s development. Put simply, DCU-Fuse “walked the talk” of openness by infusing new digital technology throughout our institutional culture in a truly open, inclusive and transformative experience. This claim is evidenced by the number of contributions over the 24-hour period from around the globe, with almost 6000 separate online discussion posts, over 7000 likes and around 70,000 page views. The media attention DCU-Fuse attracted is further evidence of this unique experience which embraced the challenge of building an open culture to help develop better inclusive futures--for all.

Dublin City University

Ireland, Dublin

Contributed by: Daire Keogh

Language: English

License: CC-BY