Global OER Graduate Network

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The Global OER Graduate Network ( is a network of PhD candidates around the world who are conducting their doctoral research on an aspect of open education. GO-GN was established in 2013 as an initiative from the UNESCO Chair in OER at the Dutch Open University, and is funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. In December 2017, GO-GN comprised of fifty-eight PhD researchers registered at universities in seventeen countries, supported by a much larger number of supervisors, experts and friends. The aims of GO-GN are: to raise the profile of research into open education, to support those conducting their PhD studies in this area, and to develop openness as a process of research. GO-GN works towards not only connecting and supporting PhD researchers but also establishing an open community of practice, promoting interaction and a sense of belonging, and encouraging diversity and collaboration. In the words of one of our PhD researchers: "GO-GN has made me not feel isolated in the open education world; it’s forming the foundation for confidence to be a researcher, and to feel good about reaching out and asking for help".

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