Non-academic Support in Open and Distance Learning

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In the recent decades, the world focus on the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) with immense concentration on the use of ICTs systems and other support such as academic support services which is recognized as a change in the conventional educational field. Indeed, Open and Distance Learning offer a great opportunity to students and worker to continue their education and gain knowledge and skills, as they are unable to take a class and attend lectures in conventional educational institutions. Therefore, the students in ODL system face some problems which are generated from the physical gab between the teachers and students. They feel isolated from the academic environment as a result of this; the students need more support in ODL system. ODL system offer two types of supports, one is academic services and the other is non-academic support. So, this study will focus on non academic supports and their types to help student to succeed in their study. A qualitative research approach underpinned by an interpretative paradigm was employed in this study to explore the Non-academic Support in Open and Distance Learning and its types and recommend the ones that suit certain universities according to the social environment

Open University of Sudan

Sudan, Khartoum

Contributed by: Salha Abdo

Language: Arabic

License: CC-BY