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In order to maintain a legacy of innovation, Mountain Heights Academy developed a professional development program for teachers called The OER Passport course which trains teachers and students on OER use, reuse, licensing, creation, and sharing by completing six tasks. The first three tasks lay a solid foundation and provide teachers with the tools to complete the last three tasks which focus on the use, reuse, production, and innovative teaching practices.

Task 1 - OER Primer: Learn the basics of OER. “How to use Open Educational Resources”www.openwa.org/module-1/
Task 2 - CC Savvy: Review the Get CC Savvy online course https://courses.p2pu.org/en/groups/get-cc-savvy/
Task 3 - Join Up: Set up an OER Commons account here: www.oercommons.org.
Task 4 - Share Out: Find an OER resource and share it with colleagues. (Use and Reuse)
Task 5 - Get Published: Create an OER and publish it in OER Commons. (Production)
Task 6 - Next Gen OER: Invite a student to co-design OER with you then publish it in OER Commons. (Innovative Open Teaching Practice)

The purpose of the OER passport is to ensure that all faculty engage in the production, use, reuse, licensing, creation, publishing, and sharing of content. The tasks are designed to invite students to learn about OER, how to appropriately license OER, and to co-design and publish OER along with their teacher. Additionally, it ensures that secondary school students are being given opportunities for involvement in every step of the OER process. The students are then well-versed in OER options as they choose a university to attend after graduation.

At the beginning of the year each faculty member receives their own tangible passport so they are eligible to travel along their personal OER journey. As they complete each task they receive a stamp on that page. By the end of the school year each teacher will have completed each of the six tasks and will be ready to continue their growth.

Mountain Heights Academy

United States, West Jordan, UT

Contributed by: DeLaina Tonks

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