OERinfo - Information, transfer, and networking for Open Educational Resources

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OERinfo is the first central information platform for OER in Germany. Funded since November 2016 by the Germany Ministry for Education and Research it provides coverage of the German and international OER landscape and in-depth information and analyses for different educational sectors. OERinfo systematically screens current OER streams and activities and documents them. Current developments in the OER community and best practice examples are monitored and disseminated throughblog posts, video-interviews, workshops and live presentations for various audiences. At the same time, the information office screens potential for expanding existing networks and broadening the influence of OER and its advocators. The development of the OER community is visualized through the OER Map of Germany, an additionally edited and localized version of the well-known OER World Map. OERinfo’s activities are guided by three main pillars: (1) information, (2) transfer, and (3) networking and linking-up. These main pillars are systematically supported by co-operation partners in four educational sectors: school education, university education, vocational education and training, and adult education. The information office is commissioned to assess potential in these specific areas together with its co-operation partners and prepare targeted information modules regarding OER use. The partners will serve to identify and approach new target groups. Furthermore, the platform represents the hub and facilitator for collaboration for all projects of the OER funding line of the German Ministry of Education and Research, whose goal it is to raise awareness and qualify OER multipliers. OERinfo is a first of its kind information infrastructure for OER in Germany. It provides high quality information about OER to the interested (professional) public und supports their networking. OERinfo can be seen a starting point for broadening and encouraging institutional OER activities in Germany.

German Institute for International Educational Research

Germany, Frankfurt

Contributed by: Luca Mollenhauer

Language: German

License: CC-BY