Online Learning Hub: a powerful tool to support development of online learning

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The goal of the Online Learning HUB is to support and facilitate TU Delft faculty to teach and develop online courses with teachers as active and reflective participants. However, the HUB is useful for everyone involved in online course development. Our teachers need to be able to acquire information, share, discuss and connect to new concepts and strategies that relate to their own unique situation, experiences and needs. The Online Learning HUB, which draws on our day-to-day course development and teaching experiences, will increase incrementally. A portal site with basic functionalities for communication, information retrieval, blogs, etc. which can connect or add (integrate) other tools such as social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is the technical and functional framework for the ‘Online Learning HUB’. The content is organized in line with the workflow of a standardized online course design template (in this case the ADDIE model is used), that is tuned to the quality standards for the design of online learning. The design is participatory, learner centered and self-directed. It is meant to facilitate and support the teacher developing and applying online teaching and learning. This 3-layered HUB will gradually develop aiming to improve professional development and support teachers to better deal with the TU Delft Online Learning procedures and content. The model will be available for other institutions in the future to create their own HUB. Supportive Content is offered under a CC BY license.

Delft University of Technology

Netherlands, Delft

Contributed by: Linda Mebus

Language: Dutch

License: CC-BY