A Road Less Traveled: An OER US History Textbook with Student Contributions

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"A Road Less Traveled: An Ancillary to Our Story" is an OER textbook, available on PressBooks, written in collaboration with my first and second year undergraduate students. Chapters 1-19 cover US History from Pre-Contact to 1877. The book is written for high school and college US survey classes in mind. If anyone uses any part of the book I would love to get feedback.

Students taking the first part of the US survey with me this semester will use "A Road Less Traveled" as their textbook. They will be assigned to review the book then edit assigned sections of the book. Students in the second part of my US History survey (from 1877 to the present) will be creating content for the second part of that OER textbook.

And, on Twitter, Rebus, and Facebook I have asked for contributors and critiques. I will accept anything on any aspect of US History so I hope promotion during OEW will attract new contributors, which will only make this collaborative effort even more diverse, meaningful, and will give agency to more people.

Houston Community College - Eastside Campus

United States, Houston

Contributed by: Jim Ross-Nazal

Language: English

License: CC-BY