EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detectives Hamburg

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What is EDDi?
The plague, Spanish flu, Ebola, and currently COVID-19 - the occurrence of epidemics and plagues has always been part of our history and will continue to be a threat to our global health. The good news is that a wide variety of public health stakeholders are working together to try to counter these threats and track down their causes, the infectious agents. Detective work, so to speak. The Hamburg Open Online University (www.hoou.de) OER "EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg" wants to make this work tangible in the form of a "serious game" for use in university teaching and tells the story of a disease outbreak in Hamburg ...

In the form of a "serious game", learners are to be prepared for realistic tasks in the detection and containment of disease outbreaks. For this purpose, a team of health scientists, epidemiologists, and game designers and developers has developed a realistic learning scenario based on "game-based learning", which playfully forms the interface between theory and practice in academic teaching. As epidemic disease detectives, learners can deepen their basic epidemiological knowledge and skills within a game-based case study and apply them practically in the field of outbreak investigation.

The learning materials are available in English only.

How do I use EDDi?
For the most flexible use, EDDi is available in three modules (see Methodology):
#1 For self-learning, alone or in groups (for learners).
#2 For group work in class (for teachers)
#3 For self-learning or for group work in class (for learners and teachers)

Hamburg Open Online University

Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg

Twitter: @HOOUHamburg

Contributed by: Jakob Kopczynski

Language: English

License: CC-BY-SA