Game Based Learning Units

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I have been making classroom Role Playing Games for a while now. Some are really involved, and all are loved by the students and educators who have played them. Just last week a soon to graduate student was sharing detailed memories of playing one game... nearly 6 years ago! The three games I have shared on my website are all open source, and can be played with anywhere from 12-100 students at a time. They generally run for several weeks of classes. All games have been Middle School tested and approved.
The easiest to run is New States of Atlantis, where students take on the role of landowners in a fictional island state. The game was redesigned so it could be run in distance learning during COVID, and... surprise surprise... it was the highlight of the Pandemic for all the students!

Mira Education

Canada, Thetis Island

Contributed by: Noan Fesnoux

Language: English

License: CC-BY-SA