Guida Italiana all'Open Education - Italian guide to Open Education

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The "Italian Guide to Open Education" is a set of slides in Italian (produced in Open Office and released with a CC-BY-SA licence) aiming to help spread the culture of open education in Italy for everyone, especially educators. The purpose of the guide is to help the reader acquire: - familiarity with the most common terminologies in use (open source, OER, MOOC, open textbooks ...) - basic knowledge of the types of existing OER and their educational, training and social potential; - basic knowledge of how to use OER in the classroom; basic tools and skills to experiment with your students / users some Open Educational Practices; - enthusiasm for the new possibilities offered by these open approaches. The guide was produced in an open and collaborative way by the members of the "Open Education Italia" network, and targets teachers, trainers, and any other person - within education or not - interested in understanding the basics, and more, of Open Education, and to develop open practices and open contents. The guide has been produced in Italian in order to reach those educators and practitioners who are not fluent in English, and who might want to use the slides of the guide as they are.

Open Education Italia

Italy, Roma

Twitter: @OpeneduI

Contributed by: Fabio Nascimbeni (Twitter: @fabionascimbeni)

Language: Other

License: CC-BY-SA