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Our global network to share and curate open educational resources. MoodleNet, which is open source and free, provides a place for curated collections of the best content (OER and more) organised in ways that makes it easy to find collections that suit any course.

Install your own MoodleNet instances to provide a central resource for educational content to one or a group of institutions.

MoodleNet is federated Open Education Technology that is not controlled by a single entity, subject to a single point of failure, and can work for all
languages, sectors and contexts.

MoodleNet can link to existing repositories as well as accept uploaded files of any MIME type.

Resources can be tagged with ISCED subjects, creative commons licences, learning object models, formats and languages.

Collections can be curated to include resources from any source and followed by other users.

Profiles allow users and institutions to build their reputation.


OEGlobal member

Australia, Perth, Western Australia

Twitter: @moodle

Contributed by: Paul Hodgson (Twitter: @PaulMHodgson)

Language: English

License: Public domain