Virtual Intercultural Teams

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The aim of the project is the promotion of cooperation competencies and action competencies (professional, strategic, social, individual) in interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts and the implementation in a self-study unit. Special consideration is to be given to aspects of (computerized) telecooperation that serve to build and work in virtual teams or to support "conventional" team organizations. The background to this is that we have observed that even "digital natives", who are used to digitally mediated communication and have often been able to gain experience abroad as children and young people through ERASMUS programs etc., often find it difficult to organize their cooperation contexts in a meaningful way and to support them with computer technology.

Learning objectives
The participants will be able to deal constructively with possible differences in communication, working methods, expectations of leadership and dealing with conflicts in an intercultural, interdisciplinary and virtual working environment and to perceive commonalities. These team competencies are intended to enable and promote mutual learning in order to develop from and positive synergies.
The offer is aimed at learners who want to acquire basic skills and fundamental knowledge in virtual intercultural and interdisciplinary working environments. Good knowledge of the English language is helpful. Experience in working in virtual teams is not required.

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