#creativeHE 101 Photo Flashcards 2022

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#creativeHE 101 Photo Flashcards 2022

The #creativeHE team has curated photographs from 2022 to put together a photo flashcard collection. The photographs included provide perspectives and snippets of realities from creatives around the world. The collection can be used for learning, teaching and development or even for self-reflection and as discussion triggers.

The collection is available as an Open Education Resource (OER) on the #creativeHE website: https://creativehecommunity.wordpress.com/about/oer/

All contributors have been fully acknowledged and we would appreciate if you would also acknoweldge them when using the photographs.

The #creativeHE leadership team 2022/23: Chrissi Nerantzi, Rachelle O'Brien, Emma Gillaspy, Neill Withnell, Sandra Sinfield, Tom Burns, Anna Hunter, Hannah Seat, Alex Spiers, Nathalie Tasler, Norman Jackson, Marianna Karatsiori & Sandra Abegglen [https://creativehecommunity.wordpress.com/teams/]


United Kingdom, London

Contributed by: Sandra Abegglen (Twitter: @sandra_abegglen)

Language: English

License: CC-BY-NC