Digital Education with Cultural Heritage 2023 (This year also in Romanian)

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This year, our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will be offered in English and Romanian. It has upgraded content and more resources for integrating audiovisual materials (AV) into learning practices. And for the first time, the course offers ready-to-use resources for post-secondary educators.  

The Digital Education with Cultural Heritage MOOC teaches you about the educational potential of digital cultural heritage and prepares you to implement it using digital technologies and innovative pedagogies, like CLIL or Project Based Learning. The course  introduces the learning scenario methodology, shows you how to use it and how to build your own scenarios. 

You will also learn how to navigate Europeana’s digitised collection to find primary sources in multiple formats (such as pictures, videos, texts, 3D) and in different languages, and discover ready-to-use materials from the Teaching with Europeana blog. The course also explains how to use tools like Transcribathon and Historiana in history and citizenship lessons.

This year, the MOOC includes upgraded and updated content. With a focus on promoting more interactive use of audiovisual content in education through crowdsourcing platforms like Subtitle-a-thon and Subbit, it also explores how to integrate the Europeana APIs  in learning projects and shares practical examples from the recent Low-Code Fest. Finally, some new materials for post-secondary teaching are included, extending the outreach of this course to higher education, being particularly useful in teacher training.



Europeana Foundation

Netherlands, Den Haag

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Contributed by: Isabel Crespo

Language: English

License: CC-BY-SA