Educability: Information Literacy Training Package

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EDUCABILITY (BUILDING THE CAPACITY OF EDUCATORS & LIBRARIANS IN INFORMATION LITERACY), is a project financed by the European Commission ERASMUS + and conducted in 4 EU countries, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Serbia. The objective of Educability is to train educators and librarians in the basic skills of Information Literacy, with special emphasis on six specific literacies. The target group has a visible responsibility to train their communities in the digital competencies in various educational settings (formal, informal, non-formal) and in settings related to work, social and environmental activity, active citizenship, media and personal life goals.

In order to meet its objectives, the project has set out to publish and disseminate the following products in open access: Development of a curriculum of six learning modules, one for each of the selected literacies (Critical Information Literacy, Data Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media and Information Literacy, Mobile Literacy, Sustainable Development Literacy); a Web Portal and a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to host an Information Literacy Training Course (ILTP), digital, interactive, open, web-based didactic material, activities and digital competence practices; a transnational Memorandum of Cooperation, Sustainability and Transferability, as a platform for synergies, cooperation and development of future lines of work for interested professionals and researchers. The methodology of the project contained as main phases:

1. State of the art in the six literacies with selection of the most cited authors to determine the concept, didactic objectives, methodology.

2. The resulting document is sent to be evaluated by experts, through a Delphi analysis, to determine its quality and be able to be a constituent part of a VLE.

3. Creation of a course model that would guide you to edit the program in a VLE.

4. Creation of the moodle design of a web program architecture. Editing protocol. Content intake for each literacy and standardized editing control

5. Design of a specific web page to host the competency program.

6. Management and approval of the Memorandum.

Educability Project (financed by the European Commission ERASMUS+)

Country Not Listed, Cyprus, Greece, Serbia & Spain

Twitter: @EducabilityE

Contributed by: Belén Mosquera

Language: English

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