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Unique STEM education - inspiring the next generation of scientific leaders!

Frontiers for Young Minds is an award-winning, non-profit journal for kids. We go beyond open access, to provide intellectual access – science that is understandable by everyone.

Fully and freely accessible online, we have 1100+ articles published and 33+ million views and downloads worldwide from 230 countries and territories.

We’re multilingual, with language channels including English, Hebrew and Arabic, with Mandarin Chinese and French to be added in 2023, and actively seeking to add many more key global demographics to ensure the majority of kids worldwide can read our top-quality science.

What makes us unique?

Each article we publish is written by top researchers, including Nobel Prize winners, and is then reviewed by young students aged 8-15. Working with the guidance of Science Mentors, working locally in 65 countries, our Young Reviewers ensure that everything is accessible and engaging for their peers.

Kids learn not only about the latest science but also about how science works by being part of a crucial stage of the research process, and gain critical thinking skills for life. And our respected academic authors learn too – how to communicate outside their own research fields and make a truly global impact by enabling the young leaders of tomorrow’s world to understand the scientific breakthroughs of today.

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