Immunology Content Hubs and Beyond

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These Curated Content Hubs focusing on Immunology Resources have been opened some years ago to help colleagues and medical students accessing immunology open contents in the context of increasing infobesity. We are finding, selecting, elevating and sharing sources available on the web, relevant to various immunology topics : fundamental immunology, mucosal immunity, cytomics and flow cytometry, immunology and biotherapies, autoimmunity, allergy, neuroimmunology. history of immunology. We also maintain a few topics related to clinical immunology, such as rheumatology, laboratory medicine. This project has been developped in the context of the sino-french training program associating Nancy and Wuhan, and was very useful when switching to long-distance teaching and learning in the context of the pandemy.

We recently opened a topic on "Fake News and Vaccinations", and also a topic collecting resources focusing on new ways of learning and teaching. We are applying the curation method and tool ( to help french medical students discovering scientific and medical literature, and developing their critical mind about information circulating on the web and social networks, very much used by their future patients. This easily searchable and actualized resource, active for many years is a unique way of finding information, different from artificial intelligence, adding human flair of dedicated specialists to classical information databases.

Resources within are openly available. 

Université Lorraine/CREM

France, Nancy, Lorraine

Contributed by: Gilbert FAURE (Twitter: @grip54)

Language: English

License: Public domain