Language of Medical Terminology

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The Language of Medical Terminology is an open educational resource (OER) textbook that begins with a focus on the practice of breaking down medical terms into their component parts. This is practiced through the beginning of the book in order to develop a solid foundation on medical term parts, their meaning and how to understand the full meaning behind medical terminology as a whole. The OER then continues onto the use of abbreviations, anatomy and physiology, body systems, common tests and procedures and finishes with content focusing on medical professionals in health care. This OER serves to provide the basic knowledge necessary to work in the health care setting.

The goals of this resources are to:

-teach students medical terminology

-make learning more accessible by providing a free resource 

-have a tool (OER) that can be updated as necessary to meet the changing needs of students in this field

-amalgamate and adapt available OER’s to create a unique resource that fits the specific needs of our student population

Who would benefit the most from using it?

-students in the healthcare field

-instructors seeking alternative resources

-anyone interested in the subject can access it because it's an open resource

What makes it unique?

-It has interactive exercises throughout that test student knowledge

- It is rich in multimedia resources, including videos

- It contains highlighted glossary terms throughout the text, which students can click on for definitions

- It uses complex resources that have been adapted to suit the needs of NorQuest College learners 

-numerous topics are covered and they are applicable to any healthcare field

-It is located in the Open Education Alberta repository and can be easily edited and adapted

Cover image: Axial MRI scans of a person with multiple sclerosis (30208218503) by NIH Image Gallery, Public domain

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Canada, Edmonton

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Contributed by: Robert Lawson

Language: English

License: CC-NC-SA