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Pressbooks OER Collections Hub is a place to find excellent, free open textbooks drawn from 5000+ public books created by 140+ colleges, universities, non-profits, presses, and other organizations using the Pressbooks open publishing platform. The Collections Hub offers curated collections of books that fit categories of interest: Student-led OER, Language Learning, Accessibility, Indigenous Voices, Technology, High-enrollment Subjects, Interactive OER, and more. 

Visit the OER Collections Hub to find books you’d like to use or adapt, browse topics of interest, and ignite your imagination about what’s possible with open learning materials. Open licensing allows the vast majority of these materials to be copied, revised, remixed, shared, and redistributed, and all this can be done easily using Pressbooks’ publishing platform.


Canada, Montreal, Quebec

Twitter: @pressbooks

Contributed by: Julie Curtis

Language: English

License: None