Open Learning Experience Bingo 2.0

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The Open Learning Experience Bingo card (imageGoogle Slides) is designed to offer a way for people to consider how learning experiences — like activities, assignments, modules, or courses — might be “opened” in various ways. For example, a learning experience might be opened by enabling wider access to more people, more agency for people involved, or more possibilities in its materials, tools, goals, outcomes, and/or design.

We offer it as a bingo card in hopes that you can use it to explore the openness of learning experiences — and perhaps generate ideas about how to open them further — rather than merely to judge how open they are like a rubric might.

Open Educator

United States, Portland, Oregon

Twitter: @xolotl

Contributed by: Nate Angell (Twitter: @xolotl)

Language: English

License: CC-BY