Open Mic: the ENOEL podcast on the UNESCO OER Recommendation

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Open Mic is a podcast series created by members of SPARC Europe's European Network of Open Education Librarians. In particular, what we have so far is the result of the efforts put into this series by Kamila Kokot-Kanikuła (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland) and Mira Buist-Zhuk (University of Groningen, The Netherlands). The episodes created so far are dedicated to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources, OER. The focus is on the Recommendation in general and then on each one of the five action areas. The episodes, as the speakers say at the beginning, are "short and digestible: a delicious bite of Open Education for you!"

SPARC Europe

Italy, The Netherlands

Twitter: @SPARC_EU

Contributed by: Paola Corti (Twitter: @paola5373)

Language: English

License: CC-BY