Pedagogy Opened: Innovative Theory and Practice - Request for Paper Submissions

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Pedagogy Opened: Innovative Theory and Practice is a new series from the University of North Georgia Press that seeks to advance the study of open and innovative pedagogy. This series intends to promote agency, equity, collaboration, and innovation in teaching and learning through the belief that their impact and reach are increased by research on and analysis of the theory and practice of open pedagogy across the disciplines and via multiple modalities.

We therefore invite formal and informal research projects and case studies examining

  • OER and teaching and learning theory and practice
  • OER and learning environments, and/or
  • OER institutions of higher learning as
    • Access-oriented
    • Equitable
    • Digital/Hybrid
    • Collaborative
    • Experiential, and/or
    • Student-centered

We invite sustained single-author analyses in all disciplines as well as collaborative research essays. UNG Press hopes to build on our reputation as publishers of peer-reviewed open textbooks with this commitment to peer-reviewed research on the teaching and learning theories, practices, and experiences that OER encourages or makes possible.

University of North Georgia Press

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Contributed by: Tiffani Tijerina (Twitter: @tiffktijerina)

Language: English

License: CC-BY