Pressbooks Open Publishing Platform

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Pressbooks is a versatile digital publishing platform used by education communities to support OER projects, textbook affordability, accessibility, open pedagogy, inclusive curriculum design, and other initiatives that impact student success. Often described as the industry standard publishing tool for open education programs, Pressbooks offers a user-friendly entry point for faculty, students, instructional designers, and others engaged in digital publishing projects. Using Pressbooks, educators can easily discover, create, share, and innovate with dynamic learning materials they can adapt to fit their courses and programs. 

Accessibility is a core strength, ensuring virtually anything created in Pressbooks complies with accessibility best practices. Pressbooks’ partnership with H5P offers “wizard” type capability to quickly create, adapt, and reuse rich interactive experiences embedded in learning content. Its partnership with Hypothesis enables social annotation to encourage student engagement in courses that use Pressbooks-created digital textbooks. 

Anyone can try out Pressbooks for free. For organizations, Pressbooks offers custom-branded networks to house and maintain OER content along with other digital publishing programs. For individuals, hassle-free online subscription services are available. Folks with technical know-how can download and run the free open source version of the Pressbooks platform. Visit to learn more.

Julie Curtis

Canada, Montreal, Quebec

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