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The Kolibri Content Library is a curated collection of open digital learning resources. It is one component of Learning Equality’s broader Kolibri ecosystem, which is an adaptable end-to-end suite of products and tools designed for teaching and learning with technology but without the Internet. 

The Kolibri Content Library contains over 159,000 openly licensed resources in varied subjects and grade levels, in 173 languages, including books, games, textbooks, articles, simulations, exercises, and many more types of educational materials, all organized in channels. Channels are published as close to content providers' original structure as possible, while still optimized for navigation in the Kolibri Learning Platform and reformatted for best display on digital devices. Similar to other repositories, these channels contain useful metadata to help users discover a rich variety of learning materials they may not have known about otherwise.

In this Library, Learning Equality prioritizes diversity in grade levels, subject areas, and languages. All materials are fully credited to the creating organization and include all additional information the creator has shared with Learning Equality. We only include content which is either openly licensed, available to distribute for special nonprofit or noncommercial purposes, or shared with us for distribution through agreement with the creator. Where possible, Learning Equality also evaluates and seeks input on the degree to which the materials may be suitable for the unique, offline blended learning settings in which Kolibri is used. Since materials in the Library are intended for use in an open source platform, Learning Equality does not profit financially from their use. 

Users of the Library can browse its catalog through filters for keywords, languages, licenses, and formats, and view language-specific content on language-specific servers.

This approach is unique in that Learning Equality aims to assemble a library of resources that supports the diversity of needs Kolibri is designed to meet, rather than collecting all possible open educational resources. To inform what is selected, the Learning Equality team is continually maintaining its awareness of openly licensed digital resources available in the educational landscape. Most of the resources come from an organization, institution, or creator with learning design experience and an educational mandate. It is also unique in that since individual content items are included in the Library, this allows for curriculum designers to create their own unique channels of materials using the Kolibri Studio curricular tool, or to create curated lessons and quizzes without the Internet in the Kolibri Learning Platform. 



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